Hello World!!

After 2 years (yes last time I have posted something was more than 2 years ago!!), a new job, a country move and lots of ups and downs, I am now happy to have to resume all the projects set on hold and coming back with a couple of new ones as well!

Now I have a better picture of the path forward, therefore, the blog got renamed from colacoweb to 4s3ti which will be my nickname from now on.

As games have been always a big part of my life, I decided to start a project on twitch.tv/4s3ti and combine both of my passions! IT and Gaming, so hit that follow button, and watch out for some live streams with gaming and tech talks! feel free to come over!

Some content might be arriving on youtube as well, so stay tuned on My youtube channel as well!

I have now made a few updates to nice-blog theme and I am again maintaining PiVPN (spoiler alert, next post will be exactly about VPN!)

That’s all for now, stay tuned for more news!